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Order clauses

X-Road monitoring data is collected from Estonian X-Road members security servers available by X-Road Center (Republic of Estonia Information System Authority, Riigi Infosüsteemi Amet, RIA) and published as opendata with a delay of 10 days from actual transaction execution time.

Data is renewed nightly, between 0:00-6:00 (EET UTC+2h / EEST UTC+3h).

Timestamps (specifically requestInTs) are rounded to hour precision and presented in form of Unix timestamp (epoch time).

According to Security Authorities Act [1] §5 the security authorities are the Estonian Internal Security Service and the Estonian Foreign Intelligence Service. Their authorizations are described in chapter 4 (§21 - 35) of the above mentioned act. Based on aspects stated in the State Secrets and Classified Information of Foreign States Act [2] §11 section 3, §7 p 10 and §8 p 1 and in the Public Information Act [3] §35 section 1 p 1, 31, 51 the X-Road usage statistics of security authorities is considered to be for internal use only. X-Road data that is being published as open data by RIA does not contain information about the security authorities.